Our Mission

Beanbag is an online streaming service that will stream movies currently playing in cinemas and film festivals around the globe, giving you the freedom to choose whether you watch movies at home, at the cinema, or at film festivals.

Due to your desire for new release movies and film festivals to be accessible at home, along with your need for a one-stop shop for movie streaming, we believe the time is right to launch Beanbag Entertainment.

Our vision is to create a streaming platform that meets the needs of all movie-enthusiasts and to support a unified industry, in which all cinemas, film makers, film festivals and movie studios can remain sustainable. Our service is not designed to discourage attendance at cinemas or film festivals but rather to service an additional market by providing an alternative option distinguishable by convenience and experience.

We also seek to provide a streaming platform for movies once they are no longer available in cinemas and film festivals, removing any waiting period between the initial screening and their availability on other streaming services, DVD, Pay-TV or free-to-air TV.

We hope that you join us on our journey to bring this service to fruition.

Our Research

Investigating how an online streaming service can integrate successfully with the film industry is a big task. Maintaining the profitability of cinemas, distributors, film makers and movie studios is something we have sought from the outset of our work.

For years, dozens of research articles and books have been written on the effects of movie streaming on the film industry. But nothing has provided us with an estimate of the effect of a service like Beanbag on piracy, cinema attendance and financial outcomes, until now. Through our surveys and interviews, we have been able to confirm your desire for our service, its benefits and how to use our revenue to support cinemas and the film industry. We have been able to estimate:

  1. How many more new release movies will be watched overall

  2. How many people would now have convenient access to new release movies

  3. The prices that customers and illegal downloaders will be willing to pay to legally stream new release movies

  4. The impact Beanbag has on cinema attendance, concessions and advertising incomes

The Founders

  • Ash Oliver

    Co-founder and CEO

  • Eumir Gaspar

    Co-founder and CTO

Sustainability Values

  • Economic

    By launching Beanbag and sharing our revenue with cinemas and film makers, we can increase the industry's overall revenue and funds can be distributed fairly.

  • Social

    Beanbag seeks to ensure that jobs are retained as the industry moves into online streaming territory, and assist in growing the industry by maximising its market accessibility.

  • Environmental

    Beanbag believes in environmental sustainability and seeks to provide a portion of profits to film makers as grants to improve environmental sustainability.

Ready to get in on the fun?

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